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Lecture 9

CLCV 1008 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Lead Poisoning, Lindow Man, Terracotta Army

Classical Civilization
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CLCV 1008
Goodfellow Marianne S.

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October 15th, 2010
Archaeology Lecture 9
Otzi, the Ice Man
Earliest European to survive as a preserved individual not sacri!ced or
deliberately buried.
Beechy Island
Shallow grave sites for British crew members/sailors for Sir John Franklin
Bodies were exhumed and the returned post observation by
Believed that the sailors died from lead poisoning; expected from canned tin
foods where chemicals had leeched into the foods.
Tollund Man
Found in a peat bogged environment (acids from environment have
mummi!ed the bodies into a leather-like state,
Due to chemicals in the mosses in the peat, the calcium from the preserved
bodies is leeched whereby causing bones to become rubber-like.
Found in Tollund Fen in Denmark
3rd Century BC. (200's BC) dated.
Found in 1920
Bog Peoples when found were often presumed/found as to having undergone
a violent death.
Lindow Man
Lived in late iron age, 1st C AD. Possibly roman age.
Was not labourer due to state of nails. (Manicured)
Mystery of death reason is still ambiguous.
Found upon peoples harvesting Peat mosses.
Timber studied for its rings (Dendrochronology)
This is to check for changes in climate
And life during certain eras
Last waterlogged site found
The Ozette site, Washington
Pg 62-63
Whaler community covered in mud
Makah Indians original inhabitants of site; this surviving race is now
contributing to the recovery of the site and its artifacts and remains.
15,000 recovered artifacts
Lady Dai, China
During an era of terror, Chinese peoples worked at creating bomb shelters.
1972, workers stumbled upon a tomb which had been one of the few
remaining unlooted tombs
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