CLCV 2305 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Helen Keller, Roman Navy, Video On Demand

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Ta s
Final saves of assignments must be PDF
PowerPoints are loaded in advance of lecture, notes will be loaded the day after lecture
o Because there is no textbook
Simple technologies persist, so do technologies that have more than one function, so do pieces of
technology that are considered fun
Looking at what, why and how technologies were developed
Technology and science department focuses on technology and science in the broader sense for
this class
Technologies are socially encoded and tied to intentions of inventor
o Alexander graham-bell knew hellen keller and was trying to invent hearing aid when he
came up with the telephone
o Even though these are inventions from a long day ago, they retain ideas of the time they
were invented
Enter button on a typewriter represents movement of letter return on typewriter
"Ledge shelf"
o In Adirondaks if you find yourself at a ledge you don’t know how to get ak eause you
haven't been paying attention
Log in a for VOD
Course outline
o Not a real thing
o We will fall behind
Fall term
o Technology
Winter term
o Knowledge (biology, psychology)
For assignments other than final and midterm, there will be grade adjustments for late
First assignment deals with Pliny 21st of October
o He was a wealth of knowledge
o Admiral in roman navy and never fought a single battle
o He spent all his time collecting every fact he could and organizing them into 10 volumes
o Each student will get a passage to work from
o Natural history - written in Latin - loeb classics edition has both
o Pliny gets some things wrong
He was not an empirical scientist in the way we think of
o Pliny is considered one of antiquities greatest scholars
o Some people will discuss trees, emeralds, dates, iron, minerals, waters, glass, etc
Topics will be randomly assigned
o Read in the internet, make assessment, is Pliny correct in what he is writing
o Everything has historical property as well as symbolic
o Paper must be 5 pages double spaced
You can go into his background
One of his founding principles in collecting knowledge is that he from a farming family
George Cluny owns the land of one of plinys farms
o If you hate your passage there are others you can go from
find more resources at
find more resources at
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