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Cognitive Science
CGSC 1001
Connie Kristiansen

thPerception and memory may 8 2014 1What is perception Its when you identity organize and interpret sensory information Our perception helps to build in a sense of the world by encoding inputs from the environment What are we perceivingour receptor organs are nose ears mouthOur vision perceive the light1How does our vision work the light enters the eye by hitting the cornea then the aqueous humor lens and vitreous humorit will eventually hit the retina which as 2cells Rodsused for night vision low lightand conesused for colour and details When light will hit these two cells it willproduce electrical impulses in the optic nerve which will reach the optic chasm and these fibers will hit the back of the brain called occipital lobe thus will be able to see2Colour spectrumRed has the lowest frequency and lowest wavelength while violet has the highest frequency and the highest wavelength Inverted Qualia though that on the coulour spectrum is that experience differ from person to person3Colour blindnessit is when you are not able to differentiate between different colours mostly people are not able to differentiate between green and red either because the red and green cones are not there or malfunctioning 4Change blindness is more in a psychological level its when changes in the environment go unnoticed 5Pareidolia some people are good at recognizing faces but others do it too much ex see faces in grilled cheese sandwiches clouds6why do we experience illusions
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