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June 5 2013, CGSC 1001A.doc

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Carleton University
Cognitive Science
CGSC 1001
Connie Kristiansen

thJune 5 2014 CGSC 1001 A1Midterm 2 Classes 59including guess lecture75 questions Office hours 1ProfJune 10 111 at the library or early appointment 2Sarah June 512 in the library 3MattJune 9115215 530630 in Loeb B150Final ExamJune 23 at 2 pm we will have 3 hours True Detective Consciousness is not the happiest accident According to true detective consciousness is a tragic misstep in evolution True detective strongly believe that the honorable thing to do is to come into extinction This pretty much targets the lecture on consciousness A clockwork orange by Burges States that being good may not be good thing Does God look for goodness or the choice of goodness Ask whether we are born good or bad Side note in general we are not born good but having the choice of goodness rings a certain value but being born good has no value What is moralityIts the choice between right or wrong It is a specific form of decision making Its differentiation and the categorization intention actions and decision into the good or bad
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