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Cognitive Science
CGSC 1001
Connie Kristiansen

1Cognitive Science in the matrix Some of the issuesWhat is knowledgein the matrix they ask the question what do we know How do we know what we knowDeja Vu Heros journey Alartificial intelligencePlatos allegory of the caveHere the story depicts prisoners that have been facing the wall for years thus all they ever seen is the shadow of a fire thus as long as youre in the cage you will never experience true knowledge True knowledge according to Plato does not exist in this world but exist in the world of formsBefore we were born we were exposed to the world of forms but as we are born we leave this world and our birth becomes a traumatic experience thus the knowledge that we have can only be accessedawaken by being exposed to certain cues Platos theory of the forms Slave boy this is suppose to illustrate this idea that we are born with knowledge but need certain cues to awaken that knowledge because he was able to do maths even though he never went to school Nativism plaotos allegory is strong or complete nativism since he claims that people are born with certain skills His allegory contrasts to empirism which states that knowledge is acquired through experiences
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