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Carleton University
Cognitive Science
CGSC 1001
Connie Kristiansen

May 29 2014Evolution of MindOr it all started with a big bangCGSC 1001 ACulture affect biological evolution Lesulanewest primate species striking human resembles Evolution EvolutionThe change in the inherited characteristics of biological populations over successive generationsmeaning that changes occur gradually over times Natural selection 1 more offspring are produced than can possibly survivethis ensure the survival of their genes and important for evolution 2 traits vary among individuals leading to differential rates of survival and reproduction and 3 trait differences are heritablewhile certain traits will ensure survival while others wont Genetic mutation and shift this happens quickly and seen within one generation Darwin Dreampond here we can see that changing certain traits can insure the survival of a species and this usually occur within a generation Darwins finches Traits can be explained by the type of food that they consume and thus diet produce gradual changes in a specie Human evolution Thomas Henry Huxley Evidence as to Mans place in Nature 1863this was controversial as seen as heresy was before Darwin Key area of development Brain development Temporal lobes language Prefrontal cortex decision making and planning account for most of the brain Large prefrontal cortex have originated from animals and makes language and decision making possible Language is necessary because we are social creatures
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