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Carleton University
Cognitive Science
CGSC 1001
Connie Kristiansen

Language lecture 4 1Tinbergens 4 whysexplains why ppl want to learn more about languageThe first reason is because people want to know about the purpose of language what does using a language serves us the purpose is called Function They want aslo want to know the mechanism in which language operatesThey also want to know how language developontogeny They also want to know about its evolutionary historyphylogeny What is language Language is a central thingits so common and needed in our daily lives Through language we are able to communicate to describe to rely a message It is believed that all languages sound changesex kneeancient English ppl used to actually pronounce the k but now the k is silent All languages are complex it seemed to have originated from around 50000 years ago There is about 70000 known languagesAll languages possess a verb pronoun and nouns All language have a grammar system Evolutionary language Continuity based prospect thus language was developedstarted from animalsTomasello and has been transmitted to us by now language is much more complex than it used to be while pinker states that language has evolved through cooperation since during the old days we needed others to survivethe Discontinuity based prospect which is developed by Chomsky founding father of cognitive science very influential guy which pretty much states that language is only human specific Pretty much language was developed intentionallythus through our consciousness
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