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Lecture 12

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Communication and Media Studies
COMS 2003
Ira Wagman

The Internet is a resource, and if you drop net neutrality, our ability to use this resource will be limited, because it is now treated like a commodity. Literature F.R. Leavis: Literature is the supreme means by which you renew your sensuous and emotional life and learn a new awareness. Up until the 60s, the cultures that we used to study is now considered high-culture Ballets Operas Theatres It exposes you to the most beautiful things humans can produce Through these things you may get a better sense of truth Popular culture is the exact opposite It is produced to distract To treat you like an idiot Culture: We can say something is cultural because It has been made meaningful within or among people Linked to certain practices that are specific to a way of life Recognized by a group of people in a particular setting as a symbol of their identity Those meanings, practices, markers of identity are represented in the forms of ways of speaking, acting, or through media These meanings, practices, markers are not given but they are the product of certain decisions by certain people at a certain time, for certa
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