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Lecture 8

COMS 2003 Lecture 8: COMS Lecture 8

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Communication and Media Studies
COMS 2003
Ira Wagman

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 COMS 2003 Lecture 8 Things are the way that they are because we made them that way, they spring from our initiative. Individuals make things, come up with things, and bring them into existence Second way is that the things are the way that they are, mean the things that they mean because of some larger system, so large that it is difcult for us to comprehend, out of our individual control Large systems are some divine entity is responsible for why things are the way they are and the way the world is playing out Another is a psychoanalytical explanation, certain kinds of behaviors baked into the brain which determines our actions For Freud, buried deep in our subconscious that dictate our acts The third, is a technological explanation, world dominated by algorithms and that determines it for us, totally reliant upon them Underneath those questions are these big ones (Slide 1) Attempts to try and explain why things are the way that they are systematically Short answer (Slide 4) Relationship between language as a form of communication and its relationship to media Theories developed to explain it Structures aim to provide a scientic explanation for the system for structures that are present in all societies in which determine what people are able to do and communicate Recognize the system of meaning that exists across all cultures Sentences: We understand syntactical elements and semantics, its context, what it means. It is the medium that delivers the message. Ex. Chess (Slides 8,9) 1
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