COMS 2004 Lecture 5: History of Communication Research (guest Ira Wagman)

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Communication and Media Studies
COMS 2004
Irena Knezevic

Lecture 5 – History of Communications Research & Citations History of Communications Research • Why study the history of communication research? o Vast and diverse (places we haven’t explored yet) • History: the story that we tell about something; recounting of the past; how things happened and why; who was involved; when did something start?; when did it end?; etc. o A form of inquiry to study the past to appreciate the present and predict(?) the future o Context o Work that plays with time • Communication: distribution of messages; effects on society; media technologies; media forms (ex: blog, situational comedy, social networks, etc.); institutions; concepts; etc. o over time (history) • Research: Searching; investigating; generating knowledge; o Work with theoretical assumptions o Generate conclusions o Disseminate results • History of Communication Research: Study of individuals, institutions, and ideas that have been involved in the study of how people communicate with each other. o A history of study. A history of intellectuals. A history of ideas. o Why do we study what we study the way we study it? o Why do we teach what we teach the way we teach it? o Answers must have to do with the ways which we have studied communication in the past with the people who studied it, the places in which it was studied, etc. o Ideas* o Influences* o Institutions* o Ignorances* o We hope that past communications theorists/prominent figures wrote down their findings and ideas and that we can extrapolate information either from that or from them in-person if they are still alive. o Collect data by: ▪ Going back and reading published work in books and journals to track when research on affect became popular (context) • US univ
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