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Lecture 4

COMS 2600 Lecture 4: COMS 2600 Communication and Culture

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Communication and Media Studies
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COMS 2600
Rena Bivens

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Early Canadian Anxieties Sensitive period colonytonation transition Struggles for power and leadership Worries about American content, Hollywood films Desired for a cultured alternative Pressure for govt intervention Thinking of ways to unite Canadian citizens Then in came radio, media, films Creation of cultural institutions and policies Canada was pressured by its citizens to bring in cultural networks and corporations to unite the country Pierre Elliott Trudeau was a firm believer in culture and nation building as well. National Gallery of Canada, CBC, NFB came as a result of that The downside of this was that over time Canada became a heavily regulated marketplace with all the policies and acts on the culture and art here in Canada. Constant Tension in the Culture Industry Its both SOCIAL and ECONOMIC A struggle between making profit and protecting the culture The music industry in Canada is a prime example 07 Diversity of Voices Need a broad range of choices CRTC focused on ownership diversity 08 regulations prevents mergers that => 45 in a single market Closely monitor if between 35 and 45 Faster approval if <35 Big 4 v. OTT In 1999, the CRTC decided to not regulate production because it allows for more creativity Overall Cultural industries should make money AND support the public interest Canadas location matters: being next to the US, a much larger, dominant force in the global mass comm. System Some screens are highly regulated, others are unregulated Broadcasting systems have been invested with social objectives Nationhood has been equated with the success of cultural industries Large focus on econ aspects, profit seen as a sign of success Still focused on attracting foreign markets
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