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Communication Studies
COMM 1101
Chris Russill

Lecture 1 September-20-11 12:30 PM Carr’s novel : • Pessimistic • Saying we are stupid • Accentuates negative consequences • Marshall McLuhan – extension of ourselves • Makes you think more about technology and media • Media is getting underneath our skin – chips, hearing aids, etc. • Prediction’s always fail • Pessimistic about our capacity to affect affairs • He thinks we can shape the way we approach new media • The linear way of thinking is challenged by the media • Carr doesn’t say how to read How to Read a Book: • Gives advice on how to read a book • Discovery, understanding, recall • Small bursts of reading – more but shorter sessions • Good environment – well lit room, not on your bed • Consider reading paper not online • Making notes in margins, highlight words What is a Medium? • Ways of conveying a message, ideas, information • Getting in the middle of our a lives – in between us • First meaning of medium – someone who can speak to spirits • Another meaning is a growth Media Technologies • Communication of conveyed stuff – the transmission of information • Communication – older version: transferring of things; newer version: transferring of symbols • Technologies, institutions, cultural forms • Technologies – printing press, paper, writing, phone, radio, television, internet, film, magazines, cameras, language, art, telegraph, music, fax, braille, maps, coins, stamps, books, radar, satellites • Mass media (electronic media): radio, television, film • Mechanical calculating machines (computers) changed to a form of media • Three major points: • Bias of Evidence – history is skewed by this bias • Pedalism (walking on just our feet) • Began to use our hands • Started to make tools • Can’t tell why or when we have speech • The Growing Importance of Communication and Culture in Hominid/Human Life • Have a determining influence on what we can become, how we are shaped, how we change, etc. • Bodies communicate all the time – by eyes, clothing, positioning, etc. • The Pace of Media Innovation • We are the only species that have speech • Many innovations in writing – the materials we write on and the instruments used to write. The mechanization of writing changed rapidly. • Moore's
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