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Lecture 2

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Communication Studies
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COMM 1101

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Communications- class 2 September 17 2012 Representation meaning signification - What is represented - What does this image mean - What is signified by this image • Significance and meaning is something that changes based on time, moment, place, settings Representation (eg. twitter, facebook) - Media creates a new reality, doesn’t just show a type of reality, or mimic  It’s not just a mirror or window  It represents reality - Definition : The use of language and image to create meaning about the world around us - Our brains form relationships between a word and the real thing  How we understand the meaning for certain words  Learn over social and historical context 1800’s painting • It’s his artistic impression Did he arrange them? Did he imagine them? Was the lighting accurate? - We construct the meaning of things through the process of representing them How we construct meaning; • Context  Time  Place  Biography  History • Conventions *important*  Technological conventions (conventions of the medium)  Aesthetic conventions (light, colour, style, framing...)  Social conventions (education) - We often can’t distinguish between what is real/reality to something created - Because of certain contexts, we don’t question images(photographs) that we see (pictures in the newspaper)  We don’t ask things like are they manipulating us? How are they trying to trick us? - We often think of photos as an accurate depiction of reality - All systems of representations of rules and codes (certain things, wo
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