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Lecture 10

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th Comm November 26 2012 Final Exam - Alumni House Ravens Nest - 75 multiple choice - PASS Week 3-7 Assignment #2 What is Alternative Media? - Does it do something to bring about change 1) Everything that ISN’T mainstream media  Distribution and circulation  Depends on who is the audience?  How many people can access the media  Who reads it 2) New Media tools and technologies  Technology and usability  What does the technology do different from traditional sources 3) Media that expresses a different view point from the dominant view point  Negotiated and oppositional views differ from dominant discourses  Challenges the definition of dominant discourses  Gives voice to people who have less of a voice - Maybe it depends on the context - People look at the situation and the roles media is playing in it Jan 17 2001 Philippines - Accused of crimes - National day of protest - Members of congress excluded certain content because they wanted to keep him in office - People gathered because of O
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