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Lecture 6

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Carleton University
Communication Studies
COMM 1101

Communications October 29 2012 - The fact of negotiated readings makes us active audiences Three Key Themes 1) What is journalism? What is news? - Some say it’s a subjective piece of writing - Broad  about all stories that are of public interest - Work for the media - We should focus on the function that journalism plays in people’s lives  What is the function? - Imagine a world without news  No ways to connect with one another  No sense of community  Lack of trust  No controversy - News isn’t just conveying information, its about telling stories  Social glue  Holds us together - The term myth is representing the stories What Is news? - Celebrity posts? - Facebook posts? - Hockey updates - *it is to provide citizens with information that need to be free and self governing* 2) Journalism’s democratic function: the ideal vs. everyday life - List of ideals/news values  Autonomy  Independent  Public service  Usually supported by the state  It can be private owned OR government owned but its focus is on the PUBLC  Objectivity  Verification  We trust that the information is accurate  Don’t question things  Gatekeeping  Establishment of a metaphorical gate that filters the news
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