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Lecture 8

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Communications November 12 2012 Kony - Taught us about what it’s like to live in a media filled world - Global phenomenon - Lessons learned  Celebrated for connecting to idealistic views of how attached people got to the video  The young people have an incredible amount of power to take action over key issues  Social media has the power to set the agenda  Ability to tell us what to pay attention to  Potential of campaigns to help us see the potential of how we can change the world  Serious matters Problems - Simplification  Pitched to a 5 year olds sense of right and wrong  Black and white story - Who is the west to say we have the solutions and they do not  Perception a lot of people in the west have  We don’t think of equal access  Think we need to help them become like us - Did this lead to activism  Who bought the kits?  Who gave money?  Who contacted higher powers *SLACTIVISM*  We just forward the video without actually doing anything Media and Globalization - Marshall McLuhan  “global village”  “the medium is the message”  Space and time being over come  Relationship to the world was changed because of global media - Picture of the earth showed that the globe was within human power - Beginning of KONY video connotes peace, unity etc - After telegraph, the world changes - Revolutionary - Information could flow - Erases space and time - Connects globally - Aware of everything going on in the world much more quickly - Erases national rivalries Paradoxes with the Media 1) We have had experiences where globalization does not treat everyone equal
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