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Lecture 5

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th Communications Oct 15 2012 Advertising and Media - Advertisers support the media and all of the format - Because of this it has a strong impact on how media works - Corporate owners have a large impact - 1 influence  ways the journals censor themselves, self s=censorship (containing only certain part, etc) nd - 2 influence  agenda-setting (certain stories get told, certains don’t) - It’s about reaching people that they want to reach - Eg. Sections of the newspaper  Are they the top 5 that we NEED to know?  They’re the top 5 that appeal to advertisers - 3 influence  readers as consumers (you’re being spoken to more as a consumer that a citizen  We see more non political news, sensational news (sex scandals, crime), certain groups of people are excluded - As advertisers increase, its not just news and newspapers  Spreads to TV, internet, and more than just news - Narrow casting  targets people who are most likely expected to by their product - Advertisers target things towards us (google, youtube, show things that they think we like) Target - Has been collecting info on people who have gone to their stores - Keep tabs on what you buy -
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