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Communication Studies
COMM 1101
Chris Russill

COMM Oct 8 What is a computer? • Move from personal computers to the internet • The network is the computer – interconnection • Technical progress – changing the computer to smaller handheld devises - Shifts to mobile social (Facebook) • Original computers were people – calculate complex problems - Thousands of people in a lecture hall - Women – plugging things into phone board • Hack in to try and steal the system Computing – Paul Ceruzzi 5 elements 1) Automated Control (software) 2) Storage or memory 3) Calculation 4) Communication 5) Integrated circuits – processing memory and control 4 Threads - Why computing is a key component of your life 1) Digitization – ability to change into binary code 2) Solid state of electronics – the fact that they invent integrated chips - Fundamental recreation of how people live their lives - When you look to personal computing – converted the comp from industrial into social 3) Conversions 4) Human Machines Interphase - Freedom – liberating from us - We have powers now that we didn’t have years ago - Better world – use free things (email, storage) - Will it always be free? - Identity – appeal to our identity IBM, Microsoft, Apple • IBM - WWII - A bunch of different companies - business machines - Type writers - Initially about machines, innovation - Clear market dominance • Sage - One can’t rely on humans to watch for enemies – needs to be automated - The US gov. invested $$$ collaboration with IBM How did IBM make their money? - Sell you a machine and give you everything you need – wholly made by IBM - Made it all themselves -
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