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Carleton University
Communication Studies
COMM 1101
Chris Russill

COMM lecture Oct 1 st Cave paintings (Cave of forgotten dreams) – techniques suggest some sense of art– preserved in caves Famous argument – “why look at animals?” Animals have been moved out of the living space of people you see a lot of paintings of animals after they are exterminated Car and the decline of the literate mind LAST CLASS: Technology force assumptions to the users that then have to make sense of it – when he wanted to point to the clock we can’t use the clock system we want – technology determines our way Plato- writing is superior – Carr tells a story about Plato: How that city is going to educate the habitants – problem with the poets → he wants to have advantage Written in blood – the fairy tales we tell kids now have happy endings (pg 55) Carr wants to put Plato on his side Carr and origins of the literate mind Danger or the illusion of the literate mind – instead of reading we spend most of our time looking at screens Starts talking the origins of writing, then the more system development (stone, clay tablets, dirt, plants) different forms of writing are written on People now imagine our brains as computers Wax pages – ability to erase and flip back and forth – people are etching on anything they can find Writing is going to dominate a lot of forms of communication → spoken culture • Words order, spacing, words are spelt as they are spoken wouldn’t use punctuation Talks about: how reading changes – when people first started to read they read aloud contemplate what we read, connect different ideas together Writing has its own compositional oral thoughts – culture changes libraries develop – still all are specialized skills. Books were used as a complimentary tool, ability to email your teacher. What happens then? The printing press – reproduce things – democratize of the illiterate mind – not everything that was printed is good Kids need to learn to read and write – ideal is still held – first printed thing was the bible – only a select
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