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Lecture 5

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Carleton University
Communication Studies
COMM 1101
Chris Russill

9206+COMM Jan 14 th • Video – food will win the war o One sided message • Plato o Think about what the ideal state looks like  Get rid of poets  Carr made brief mention – need to have poets to educate the next generation o Plato didn’t like the content  The morals were too violent, unethical  Rape, pillage etc.  Carrying the wrong kinds of messages  Substitution of persuasion o Recounts a story from Socrates  Socrates offering – keep it intact • “I will speak, although I really know not how to look you in the face, or in what words to utter the audacious fiction…… They (the citizens) are too be told that their youth… • Some of you have the power of demand, other he has made of silver, others who are to be husbandmen o Nobel lie  Told
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