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Lecture 5

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Communication Studies
COMM 1101
Chris Russill

COMM Nov.5 3 transitions • Mainframes to the personal computer o Sage – computer was so large that people had to walk down aisles • Stand-alone computers to internetwork PCS • PCs to the cloud o Google Chrome – chrome book  No programs  You can do everything on the web  Everything can be saved to the web – won’t ever worry about losing your work  No virus protection needed o The cloud  Metaphor – clouds are incredibly complex, but can’t predict how it’s going to unfold (Carleton email)  Where is everything stored? • Online – big Microsoft computer • No one knows exactly where • What is Google? o Founding  2 men started out in a garage – built a search engine o Philosophy/culture  “to organize the worlds information to make it universally accessible and useful”  “don’t be evil” • To remind them on how they don’t want to do this just for the money o Quirky hiring techniques  Interviews on the internet  Unique interview questions that makes you think o Search  Google’s webpage is a lot cleaner than earlier search pages  Faster searches • When they designed it, the first thing they did was they copied the entire internet in the 1990s • Begin to find things much quicker due to the index • They didn’t care about legal restrictions on copyright  Relevant searches • Keyword base o Bring up all pages with a keyword • Google didn’t take money to put your website first o Developed an algorithm that would tell them which website was better and put it first (promised them a more relevant search) o How did Google get YOU to use search?  Better product  better m
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