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Lecture 8

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Carleton University
Communication Studies
COMM 1101
Chris Russill

COMM March 4th Alternative Media Guest lecture – Dr. Michael Lithgow – postdoctoral research fellow • Pre-internet o Don’t remember a world without internet – it was a different world o Mass media – broadcasting, newspaper  Small group of people creating programs and broadcasting it to the population  Creates barriers – it was expensive, people had to be broadcast engineers • Lots of schooling and training • You had to be licensed o Why would we care if there is barriers?  Who’s voice is being heard and who’s making the programs  We’re talking about the privileged – celebrity experiences o Analysis  Identifying problems and solutions – social conditions and experiences o Alternatives to this: Limitations  Indigenous people and minorities and women may feel left out  Poor people – don’t see a lot of representation of them  Youth and students – don’t see it programed on tv • These people are not seeing themselves on tv, so that is why there is now alternative internet o Underground newspaper, zines, pirate radio, community radio and TV  The zine isn’t about pain, it’s about finding out that we are different, it’s about laughing and hugging  Western clarion and the “unity magazine” bulletin of the union of BC Indian – aboriginal rights • Talking about their discrimination issues etc.  Tree frog radio (pirate radio) • Non-profit, no commercial – group of people who didn’t apply for a license, just went out and did it  Eel spear Radio • Wanted to get community support • Cape Breton o Highest part of the reserve – broadcast to the reserve o Broadcast
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