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Lecture 8

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Carleton University
Communication Studies
COMM 1101
Chris Russill

COMM Jan 21 • When switching channels isn’t enough – reading o Neutral or moralist stance on propaganda Persuasion: • Breaching experiments o Illuminate social norms and expectations o Violate the social norm to see how people react  Ex. Social pressure to change direction in the elevator • Public sphere story o Habermas: He tells the story: as human species we can communicate through speech o Learn to talk and exchange symbols rationally o Organising social settings in a rational way o Have power given to them ‘free press’  Public sphere  Not governmental  Equals – exchange opinions o Liberal democracy  Radio, film, TV o Wants to talk about this ideal – what our everyday news looks like o Persuading you for the purpose of selling something  People have the willingness to engage in such a way  Four dimensions • Wouldn’t take it at face value • Engage in a way that see the world in a o 1) when someone is speaking, they are somewhat intelligent o 2) is that true? o 3) whether something is right and ethical o 4) do they actually mean what they mean o If someone is in power, no one thinks that they are able to do whatever they want o He thinks that we can all ask those questions if we have the willingness • Persuasion Industries o The decisions we make in the world, big decisions are not made in a rational way o Questions  How human mind actually works • Contrasting 2 adds of beer o Add for beer in the past vs. newer add o Adds were mostly writing compared to colourful and appealing o Characteristic of newer adds:  Slogan  Simplified  Cleaner o Older add:  Information dense  Often written by the producers of the product • They were very proud of their product • They are very educated in their product  Go to newspaper or magazine and buy an ad space • Rise of ‘new psychology’ o Interested in the exchange of reason o Little bundles of emotion  Rationalize something we did that was irrational  Inform yourself what your government does o Walter dill Scott  Hypnosis – advertising would be most effective • Google o They wanted to do is utterly change the way advertising works  Adds that were irrelevant to you  The surrounding context was relevant to what you were searching
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