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Lecture 8

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Comm 1101 Lecture 8Assignment 2Information industries cloud internet developed how they operate and how your use is meshed into that industry Ceruzzi Carr and the Professors informationTake another step and think about what options we have in responding to these industries How do we use them Why do we use them in this wayCarr talked about how Marshall McLuhan and his views on dealing with these industriesInternetHow there are different relationships with the internet Western EasternPopular imagesoThe internet is globaloReaches everyone with little connectivity oWorld War 1 Britain went to war with Germany and cut off all connections to North America This resulted in no awareness or information on BritainoThe internet was modelled based on how the brain works NeuroscientistsoThe age of the internet first half was profound in the military and now we think about it in commercial termsoWebs are ironic Internet was designed to avoid the plane sneaking others to bomb drop missiles on the hub which also took out the spokes which is like one centralized target Default option matters because we tend to use the machines with the setting that has been provided
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