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Cultural Policy

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Communication Studies
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COMM 1101
Chris Russill

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Cultural PolicyThe Canadian Conspiracy Documentary 1985What is comedic about it SatiricalPlays on American paranoia cultural infiltration Canadian cultural policySo many Canadians in the American entertainment industry Problem of IdentityCanada must now preserve its identity by having many identities Gain a sense of why Canadian Policy is so conflictive contradictory WHAT IS CULTRUAL POLICYPolicy approach enacted by the govt deals with astatic expression artGovt interest in cultureThe expression of govt willingness to adopt and implement a set of coherent principles and means to protect and foster its countrys cultural expression WHY DO WE HAVE CULTRUAL POLICYCanada spends a lot of money on administering cultureTo learn about our historypre 1951 era film we sawpivotal point important royal commission called the Massey commission up until the 80s was the fundamental imprint on agricultural Was about preserving history saving lots of things that we could put in there for research to look at itPre 1950s was about preserving culture of the nationToday there is 3 reasons for rational that we are given c
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