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Lecture 6

Lecture 6: The Culture of Journalism: Making the News

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Communication Studies
COMM 1101
Chris Russill

Lecture 6 The Culture of Journalism Making the News Wiki leaks video called collateral murder people being murdered by ApacheAffirmative evidence that the Apache helicopters were armed threatsWhat was thought was a weapon was actually a cameraVideo brought up a lot of questions first the issue of accountability o How was the military held accountable in democratic society in absence of all the facts o Was wiki leaks considered credible source of news o Was it news because wiki reported itWiki leaks is capable of creating the newsIts easy to become entangled in the definitions of journalism and news because they are multifaceted concepts that change over timeIts normal to be confused about what news and journalism are and to Make sense of things through deduction task is to make sense of these complex topicsConstantly engaged in a process of sense makingWhat is JournalismJournalism is traditionally seen as the work that professional journalists do for newspapers television or other mass media o Whats wrong with this definition o It doesnt encompass the roles of informal people reporting on news ie citizen journalistsDefinitions Are Tied to HistoryOur concepts of journalism originated in a historical period defined by high barriers of access to the means of producing newsFew owned a printing press expensiveFew had the literacy skills required to be journalistsFew had the leisure to read the news o What role time playsamount of time you have in the day to consume news has a limitSimply put the traditional role of journalism evolved to meet the needs of a relatively small portion of the population Journalism is defined by the function that news plays in peoples livesDEMOCRACYREPORTINGCOMMUNICATINGVIEWINGMEDIA INDUSTRIESTECHNOLOGY
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