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COMM 2002

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COMM 2001: October 7 th Questionnaire Construction What are our researcher questions and who are we getting this information from to make these questions. Designing Questionnaires  Remember your research questions  Decide exactly what you want to find out  Imagine yourself as a respondent (Who are we surveying/put oneself in their shoes and try to picture them answering) Different modes: Telephone versus person/mail versus internet Advantages Telephone: Coverage, convenient, quick, inexpensive, easy to supervise In person: Connection, visual cues, explain questions, location specific Internet: Coding, access to large groups (Higher drop-out rate compared to mail surveys) Mail: Cost, Time Constructing Questionnaires  Identify yourself and introduce the research -Who you are, who is funding the research, the purpose, respondant selection, contact info  Provide clear instructions  Consider question order  Use filter questions where appropriate  Ensure quality interviewing Question Types Closed Ended Questions: You have to pick from a list of things or a range Open Ended Questions: You as an individual make the response with your own words - The respondents can express themselves & do not need to fit what they’re feeling These questions can be - Attitudinal (Beliefs, values, knowledge) - Behavioural (Actions) - Demographic (Features) Avoid when writing questions… - Ambiguous
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