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Carleton University
Communication Studies
COMM 2002

COMM 2001: September 30 th Stages of Quantitative Research 1. Research Question (Deductively) 2. Research Design: Survey 3. Devise measures of concepts; State Hypothesis 4. Select site and sample (Accurately represents what you’re trying to prove) 5. Collect Data 6. Code and analyse data 7. Write Up Literature Reviews: An account what has been published on a particular topic by scholars. It is part of the process in quantitative research. What do we already know? - A critical analysis of what’s been done before (Put a bunch of information together) - Literature should relate to research question Concept & their measurement Research Questions are made up of concepts Concepts: categories for the organisation of ideas and observations (abstract) - Building blocks of theory - Provide explanations of social phenomena - Represent social phenomena we want to explain or to be explained. Operationalizing Concepts: Produced by the operational definitions of a concept - Common sense understandings of the form a concept might take Concept may have different dimensions: Singular Indicator Measures (One Question) & Multiple Indicator Measures (Multiple Questions). Example What to Measure in Citizenship (Multiple Indicator Measures) 1. Age 2. Contribute (taxes) 3. C
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