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Semester 1 - Oct 7, 2013 - Questionnaire Construction.docx

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Communication Studies
COMM 2002
Heather Pyman

October 7, 2013 Questionnaire Construction Designing Questionnaires • Remember your research questions • Decide exactly what you want to find out • Imagine yourself as a respondent -language tone, length, who is the person answering? Mode choices • Different modes o Telephone vs. in person/mail vs. internet • Advantages/Disadvantages (choose the one that fits budget, target audience Ex: Telephone vs in person -Telephone Advantages: convenience, quick, inexpensive, easy to supervise - Disadvantages: limited land lines, sensitive issues -In person Advantages: connection, visual cues -Disadvantages: personal bias Constructing Questionnaires • Identify yourself and introduce the research o Who you are/who is funding the research/the purpose/respondent selection/contact # • Provide clear instructions • Consider question order • Use filter questions where appropriate • Ensure quality interviewing (Start with easy questions, makes them feel comfortable and then carry on to difficult questions. Ensure filter questions to ensure you have the right target (ie: daycare survey, no kids or no experience with daycare…if no skip to question 5) Question Types • Closed vs. Open ended Questions o Advantages/disadvantages • Types of questions o Attitudinal – Beliefs/Values/Knowledge o Behavioural – Actions o Demographic – Features Writing questions: specific rules • Avoid o Ambiguous terms o Technical, jargon, and acronyms o Long questions o Double-barrelled questions o Very general questions o Leading questions o Negative terms
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