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Communication Studies
COMM 2002
Heather Pyman

January 13 , 2014 Qualitative Research Qualitative Research - The why/how questions - Deeper meaning questions - Looking for good fit with data/theory Features of Qualitative Research - Inductive relationship between theory and research - Interpretivist epistemology - Constructionist ontology - Emphasis on words vs. numbers - Emphasis on “shining intense light” on a subject vs. generalization to a population - Researcher plays a role in the research Conversation always creates new meaning, hence why a conversation with an individual will inject an impact - How individuals are creating meaning? Talking to individuals Interviewing Investigate everything that is produced by the individual Analyze speak Analyze text Analyze fashion There is deeper meaning in taking this approach - Individuals interpretation of all different areas that creates change in society itself, hence driving us to look at the deeper meaning in each individual - How do we understand our sense of identity and culture? Lens turns from wide angle lens to very focused on the individual Content with great, deep meaning that can be derived from how different individuals create meaning The Main Preoccupations of Qualitative Research - Seeing through the eyes of those studied -Research looks at someone else’s view on the world, without their view impacting -Sometimes the researcher will take on the role of the individuals life - Description and emphasis on context - Capture everything about the text, conversation, culture, etc. We then create meaning from that text. Example: Seating in a room, temperature, etc. - Emphasis on social process - Flexibility and limited structure Allow the process to go for as long as it needs to; flexibility Quantitative had structure, qualitative throws that out the window - Concepts and theory emerge from the data Research Methods Used In Qualitative Research - Textual analysis Newspapers, pictures, etc. - Ethnography/participation observation Prolonged immersion in the field - Interviewing In-depth, semi-constructed or un-constructed Individual or focus groups Main steps In Qualitative Research ­ General research question(s) ­ Selecting relevant site(s) and subject(s) ­ Collecting
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