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Carleton University
Communication Studies
COMM 2002
Heather Pyman

Required Tests: • Alan Bryman, Edward Bell, James Teevan. (2012) Social Research Methods: Third Canadian Edition Lectures: Monday 12:35-14:25 Instructor: Heather Pyman Email: [email protected] Phone: 520.7420 Office Hours: Mondays at 2:30 or by appointment Readings: Sept. 16 Lecture: Making Sense of the World Reading: Chapter 1 Lab 1: Running frequencies Sept. 23 Lecture: History of Quantitative Methods Reading: Chapter 2 Lab 2: Describing frequencies Sept. 30 Lecture: The Nature of Quantitative Methods Reading: Chapter 3 Lab 3: Writing hypotheses Oct. 7 Lecture Survey Research –Asking Questions Reading: Chapter 4 Lab 4: Designing questions Oct. 14 Thanksgiving – no classes Oct. 21 Lecture: Descriptive statistics Reading: Chapter 13 Lab 5: Running descriptive statistics Oct. 28 Fall Break Week Nov. 4 Lecture: Bivariate relationships Reading: Chapter 13 Lab 6: Running crosstabs Nov. 11 Lecture: Strength of relationships Reading: Chapter 13 Lab 7: Running crosstabs with nominal strength measures Nov. 18 Lecture: Strength of relationships cont’d Reading: Chapter 13 Lab 8: Running crosstabs with ordinal and interval strength Nov. 25 Lecture: Inferential statistics Reading: Chapter 12 Dec. 2 Lecture: Sampling Chapter 12 Dec. 9 Lecture: Review Dec. 11- Dec. 22: Formally scheduled exam Winter Jan. 6 Lecture: Ways of looking at the world revisited Reading: Chapter 8 Jan. 13 Lecture: History of Qualitative Methods Reading:Assigned reading Jan. 20 Topic 1: DiscourseAnalysis Jan. 27 Reading: Chapter 16 Feb. 3 Lab: Project 1 (Textual analysis) Feb. 10 Topic 2: Ethnography and Participant Observation Feb. 17 Winter Break Week Feb 24 Reading: Chapter 9 Mar. 3 Lab: Project 2 (Ethnography or Participant Observation) Mar. 10 Topic 3: Interviewing Mar. 17 Reading: Ch
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