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Communication Studies
COMM 2002
Heather Pyman

Lecture 4 – APA Report Style February 3, 2014 Writing up CA • Journal report format - Introduction - Methodology - Results - Discussion - Conclusion APA style generally • Title page • Include page headers and page number, beginning with the title page • Type the running head in all caps flush left • Centre the title, name of the author(s) name of course and Lab section First Page • Header present with page number • Give the full title at the beginning of the body, centered • Each section should have a heading centered (introduction, methods, results, discussion) • Indent paragraphs, 1 inch margins, double space text Tables • Number each table. Give each table a descriptive title. Begin the title flush left in italics • You can use horizontal lines but not vertical • Single or double spaced • Each column should have a descriptive heading • The first letter of the heading should be capitalized • Should be telling a story with a discussion following it what the results tell you • Each table needs to have a number so we can reference later on in the discussion that follows • Each table is making a point ( tease out those elements that are connecting those research questions you have Methods section •
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