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Communication Studies
COMM 2002
Heather Pyman

When is an ethnography appropriate? • Research question dictates the type of method • If the RQ requires an in-depth understanding of the social context ethnography is an important method • Allows an understanding of social reality from a participants perspective o How are we constructing our social reality? o Finalist and interprets approach o Trying to understand the world not through trying to apply the methodology, but we are trying to understand how individuals try to interpret the world or try to be o The group we are studying does not have to be elaborate o Ethnographies are studied in very normal settings • Have to defend this as a socially defended method  Why do we care? • How does age affect us? • Etc. Becoming an ethnographer • Research question as a general guide • Access to the setting - open/closed o Gatekeepers - key informants and sponsors mal • Role o Complete observer o Observer as participant o Participant as observer o Complete participant • Crucial to identify and establish the type of setting we have o Describe the role we chose and why we thought it was appropriate Incorporation into a setting: Relationships and roles • Mascots, apprentices and dancing daughters •
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