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Communication Studies
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COMM 2002
Heather Pyman

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Coding •Goal is to reduce the material o Define the material (Unit of Analysis, Sample) o Determine the context o Techniques to define the direction of the material • Summary • Explicative • Structuring Beginning the coding process •Ask the data a specific and consistent set of questions •Analyse the date in great detail • Stop frequently to assess progress •Never assume the relevance or irrelevance of a textual element The qualitative coding process •Coding and interpretation one process •Move deeper into the text to achieve grounded theory •Allow concepts/codes to start close to the text and them become more abstract •Add coding notes to your manual, impressions, associations, questions and ideas Interpretation •Analytic induction and grounded theory o Key to developing theory o Determines what else to collect o Achieve analytical goals •When to stop collecting o Theoretical saturation is achieved • Get to a point where every time you analyse a text in content analysis, no new information comes out of the text • Do not feel that you need to analyse more or add any codes • Point where all that we can get out of the coding schedule and text that we are coding has been achieved and this is the point where we will stop o Size is determined first •Latent content o Semiotics, linguistics and disclosure o Analysis, frame analysis • Signifier and signified o Influences • Saucerre, Roland Barthes, Umberto Eco, Chicago School (Mead, Blumer)
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