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Communication Studies
COMM 2002
Heather Pyman

Differences between Structured and Qualitative individual interviews •Qualitative are… o Less structured/standardized o Take the participant's viewpoint o Encourage 'rambling' o Are more flexible o See detailed answers o Aim to understand rather than generalize •Types of Qualitative Interviews o Collectively, indepth interviews or qualitative interviews o Unstructured o Semi-structured • Life history- biographical  Feelings, experience some traumatic events, people who have become religious officials, how do they define the world around themselves  Oral history - experts o Oral history - experts o Ethnographic • Unique in that interviews happening during the course of participants that will allow us to see the world in their point of view • Unlike, the previous interviews, in ethnography you have some kind of relationship understanding how this participant sees the world o Dramaturgical • Not an interview in a way you understand that we as the interviewer are actually playing a role. In the actual interview itself, meaning is being created by the interviewer and interviewee • You'd be interested in body language, expression, seeing and understanding that meaning is being created by act of interviewing •Unstructured interviews o Aide memoire o Interview guide hinders access to world view o Usually has at least a general topic o Semi-structured more common-more useful for comparability •Preparing an interview guide o A list of questions or specific topics to be covered • Focus on research and questions • Logical but flexible order o Tips • Record fact sheet - setting • Use language of community  Don't use high level language  You have to make sure that you are usin
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