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Communication Studies
COMM 2102
Ira Wagman

March,13/14- Communication as rituals and as deliberation (how we decide to do something) -reading from this week has to do with political reasons and how its brings people together -what we are discussing today can best be described as things that we do or practices or ways of doing World Making: A Haiku Doing is making Making creates a meaning What is the meaning? -“The study of ritual communication thus requires attention to both the explicit use of communication in formal rites and ceremonies of the formal elements of everyday activities” -makes you a part of a group of people, and then you inherit these ritual values -rituals have transcendent values -rituals are deeply cultural phenomenon’s -they are structured social practices -they have historically been related to religion, and now has become incredibly secularized and mediatized -we don’t do things, we read or watch things -“religion is first and foremost a system of ideas by means of which individuals imagine the society of which they are members and the obscure yet intimate relations they have with it” -there is a history to thinking about communication as rituals -we think about “but for how long will this last” “what are the values being transmitted” -the coverage of news is about the communication of values not just the communication of information -the highlighting of dramatic events and working against the odds -the idea that everyone at the country sits down to read the newspaper, marks the distinctiveness of the country (quant idea) -Katz/Dayan= media events -as media becomes more prominent and the west becomes more secular, there is an increased emphasis on media technology becoming involved in rituals -there is now a ritualizing in certain media events… the royal wedding, the Olympics, the superbowl, choosing a pope -K & D said there are three different media events 1. Conquests 2. Coronations
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