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Lecture 3

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Communication Studies
COMM 2102
Ira Wagman

Lecture #3- Jan, 23/13 -quiz covers all lectures and readings for last week and this week -assignment: be playful Last: all of the pilots on television are being revised by new technology because of the failure of these series “her” -the movie is an example of how we have become intimate and close to our technology -the ways technology is put to use -the relationship between humans and machines 1) Mediation 2) Techne -what both of these terms point to is the importance to which we experience the world and make sense of the things around us -how we make sense of the world, how we experience it -what things characterize this movement through the world -what is the nature of experience? How do we communicate with the world? And how does the world communicate with us? -media has an increasingly important role in our decision making & actions in the world -technology also has a massive influence on how we live our lives -the answer is increasingly related to technology What is the middle? -inside the words medium and media are middle -aka medium child, or bevvy -also refers to a lack of extremes -mediation is a term to describe ones experience with the world to be altered or affected by some intervening force -mediation is the process of things that come between our experience and the world -life is mediated - Hegel (philosopher) thought about how we think and how we live; what makes us who we are? -he comes to the realization that the way we make sense of the world is not independent to the concepts we draw u
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