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Lecture 3

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Communication Studies
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Comm 2101September2613Lecture 3 Chicago schoolReview MarxismThe ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideasPolitical economy of communication is to evaluateContexturbanizations and immigration in America There was a number of immigration moving to the US these people were coming to the cities and were not trusted because they were differentGrowth of community newspaper and transportation systems there was more literacy closing of frontier When people move in there is a different set of values and belifes and practices when you move in a city than what you are used to before different type of society when you are in a new placeConcern re new social organization trust relationships were still able to make relationshipsconcern about anomiethe loss of meaningful norms through which people understand practice and expectationsyou know what is expected of you you know how to act but when you go to a new place you dont know what to expect or how to actChicago schoolTheories of group of scholars at university of Chicagostudied the problems opportunities and challenges of the new societyMany subscribed to a pragmatic philosophy pragmatism is the idea that truth lies in the practical and successful application of ideasyou have to apply your ideasCommonalitiesGoal was the organic community or great community Theory doesnt emerge in a vaccum it builds up from theories before Understanding biology and they called it organic community because they saw the community as a living organismCommunication central to human behaviour and organizationRealized that communication wasis essentialCommunication encompasses both messages and individual reactions to messages How people react to these messagesBelieved mass media could support development of new communityMedia informs as well as educatesIndividual levelSocietal level
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