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Communication Studies
COMM 2102
Ira Wagman

COMM 2101 Monday Jan 9 2012 History and Memory Reading Ch 6The early art of memory was systematic and teachable and its value was demonstrated by the commitment of a speaker to learn practice and cultivate itAs technology advanced we gained devices that helped us remember things ie the printing press or the teleprompterMemory is not simply a mental operation uses or that heshe can refine and improve rather memory is a phenomenon of communityhence the notion of collective memoryMemory may be lodged in ethnic groups families nationstates etcThis collectivized understanding of memory goes by a number of monikers public memory cultural memory and social memoryRepresentation is at the heart of how groups of people remember Memory and history are related but very different history is the production of historians claiming for itself a legitimacy based on research normsand memory is a performance of social collectives collective memory an overtly political and emotionally invested phenomenon collective memory serves the interest of the presentThere are at least 6 ways in which communication may be said to be collective memoryinherently relat
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