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COMM 2102
Ira Wagman

thFeb272012 CelebritySocial StatusTake for example the Oscars last nightmost people adjust their schedules to watch the show the red carpet special and marvel at the stars For people the Oscars are a place to feel and belong among starsWhat to talk about today The notion in which we think about celebrities has changed we can think of celebrities as communicating certain aspects of social values back to us and also how celebrities communicate themselvesAt the heart of any discussion about celebrity is a discussion about social statuswe are interested about celebrities in communication because celebrity is a means by which we can think about how social status is communicatedOur interest in celebrity as academics stems from a sociological interest in social statushow social status is distributed One can see that all species divide up themselves according to different types of statusfor example we have queen bees and worker bee Status determines ones pathway in that rankingOne of the ways in which w
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