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Communication Studies
COMM 2102
Ira Wagman

COMM 2101 Embodiment Monday Jan 23 2012 Reading Chapter 8 Body our biological res extensa heatseeking skin packages that all living human beings inhabit Text whatever detaches the body from its messageIn the worldview of textual dominance the activity of bodies is often presented in extreme termsbeyond notice on the one hand pathological on the otherBodily absence is a virtue is a central assumption of contemporary communication and greatly influences how we think about and organize social relationsBy contrast text is presumed to have only strong effectsGesturethe set of observable signals that coordinate bodies with one anotheris our original communication however we unthinkingly we may dismiss itThe standard historical narrative offers a story of technological and moral advancement that progressively strips bodies from the arenas of important communication and invests all past communication with the dream of bodilessnessTextualization is presented as overcoming the material and moral limitations of the human bodyMediation is more accurately characterized as any packaging of the communicative body expressed in one
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