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COMM 2101
Monday, Jan. 23, 2012
Reading: Chapter 8
„Body‟: our biological res extensa; “heat-seeking skin packages that all living human beings inhabit”
„Text‟: whatever detaches the body from its message
- In the worldview of textual dominance, the activity of bodies is often presented in extreme terms
beyond notice on the one hand, pathological on the other
- Bodily absence is a virtue, is a central assumption of contemporary communication and greatly
influences how we think about and organize social relations
- By contrast, text is presumed to have only strong effects
- Gesture the set of observable signals that coordinate bodies with one another is our original
communication, however we unthinkingly we may dismiss it
- The standard historical narrative offers a story of technological and moral advancement that
progressively strips bodies from the arenas of important communication and invests all past
communication with the dream of bodilessness
- Textualization is presented as overcoming the material and moral limitations of the human body
- Mediation is more accurately characterized as any packaging of the communicative body
expressed in one of two modes
Dramatization works to enhance the potency of the communicative body
Textualization works by evacuating the body from communication and impoverishing
this aura; it does not get rid of bodies, so much as it covers up and disguises them, or
attempts to turn them into texts
- Body and text are not absolute analytic categories but relative positions on a classifying
continuum in which each may exhibit more or fewer attributes of the other
- The popular bodies that command the greatest prestige are the very ones that have been most
successfully transformed into texts
Protests- The way in which the body acts as communication
Body builders use their body to sculpt themselves and promote a certain image
Bodies- stretch, grown, tear, feel, bleed
Distinction between bodies and texts of bodies
Implicit assumption that communication is preoccupied with issues of representation
o Bodies- lived experience
o Texts- representation
The interpretation and analysis come from your head
Society believes that communication is strictly comes from the shoulders
Embodiment is the idea of giving something a body or putting a body on something
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