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COMM 2102
Ira Wagman

History and memory – Jan.9th - Communication is a way of making sense of a range of different kinds of phenomenon - It is important to connect things we already know to look at them in a different way - History, politics and material – dominant themes of this term (what everything will be connected to) - Historical: an awareness of things that happen in the past, in ways that are particularly novel. From fashion and culture, to the movement in digital technology in how it connects to how people express themselves from their feelings to what they and their friends are doing. Memory is communicated through the eyes, body, and your feet. Materials communicate – touch triggers a sense of memory. An example of music and pop culture, shows that pop culture has an addiction to the past – music, clothes, trends from the past are constantly relived (ex. Remixed music) - Political: communication is a lens through which we can understand struggle over power and access to things such as struggle over resources. - Material: speaking in terms of the actual material objects and the material conditions in which we actually live such as the socio-economic standing in our society. Material is the means by which the objects in the world that come to be considered as things. It is the process
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