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Ira Wagman

Taste-Jan.16th - Turning objects into things and those things are pleasurable in the sense it is something that we like. Taste also means giving those things characteristics as identity of things that we like. For example when talking about “indie” – independent music, giving it characteristics of it being authentic and rich of emotion which is not for the masses – for only specific type of people. - Taste is about the aesthetics – literally of that which is beautiful, most of us are drawn to things that are beautiful. - Taste is about language – deeply communicative concept because it is about our description of the aesthetic, that description might be from words, expression, how we describe it in writing or orally to others. For example “chick flicks”, “bromance” characteristics. - Taste is about preference- what we like and what we don’t like, how what we want comes to be. What trait of something gives us the reason to like it. - Taste is about materiality - Taste is about subjectivity – how we come to derive our own opinion, how we decide upon how the opinions of others come to influence our opinion. - Distinction between facts and sentiments, sentiments for Hume do not necessarily have a truth to it. - Some explanations o things are better than others - People that explain things are better have gained good sense that is free from prejudice - Different cultures and times will have different standards of tastes in books, movies, art.. - Herge Museums, comics are so serious that they deserve their own museums; they are now like art… “graphic novels” somebody over time has found a way to call comics that were once kids books, are now expressions of art - Immanuel Kant – for Kant, would say beauty is something that can be experienced by everyone in different ways… beauty is in the eye of the beholder; he even goes as far as to say we can never really determine a test to see if your taste is properly exercised. A particular judgement of beauty ne
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