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Communication Studies
COMM 2301
Kirsten Kozolanka

Review Introduction to celebrityFirstforemost a product of popular culture Widely circulatedconsumedIt is made possible by condition of modernity Conceptions of individualsCollapse of monarchicreligious privilegeMassmedia circulation enabled by industrialization Industrialization allowed people to become consumers Now celebs are the ones that define our cultural normsvalueslink individuals with consumer capitalism democracy It is all about commodities Review History of celebritythNo celebrity prior to the 20 century instead of that successful people gained fame 1916 on stars emerge ex Mary Rickford Media shifts to personalized content especially star gossipStar developments turns individual into commodity that can be marketedindividual stars can now construct a relationship with audienceStar emergence solidifies achievement of American DreamOver time celebrity broadens to new locations Sports music television etcNew genreslocations new distinctionsWhat about the internet Now everyone can become famousReview Economy of celebrity 1Celebrity is an industryCreates products we use in everyday lives Based on persuasion through advertising the celebrity Promotion turns advertising into news Requires complicity of the media illusion that it is a product of objective journalismCelebrity is pervasiveit has spread to include CEOs and sports Movies featuring CEO success adds another layer of productionpromotionCelebrities have also extended to sportsReview Economy of celebrity 2 TurnerCelebritycommodities are developed to make money they are cultural workers paid of their labour they are also property financial asset
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