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Carleton University
Communication Studies
COMM 3301
David Hubka

16 Tips for Success in Social Marketing 1. Take advantage of prior and existing successful campaigns It allows you to: - earn from the successes and failures of others -access to existing researched and detailed info on market segmentation and ideal targets - finding innovative and cost-effective strategies -discovering ideas and materials for creative executions 2. Start with Target Audiences Most Ready for Action -direct your efforts towards those most likely to buy rather than those least likely Ideal characteristics for a target audience: - a want or need for the proposed behavior will satisfy or a problem it will solve -Knowledge of the benefits of the behavior and the costs of the current alternative behaviors -The belief they can perform the behavior and will experience important benefits - Current engagement in the desired behavior, know the benefits of it, but not performing it on a regular basis e.g. trying to quit smoking 3. Support and Promote Single, Doable Behaviors with Significant Potential Impact -Your message should help the target audience know exactly what to do and whether it has been accomplished - Give clear instructions to those that are most ready for action, (Less time, money and effort involved) 4. Identify and Remove Barriers to Behavior Change -Ask your audience questions pertaining to the reasons they have not changed the behavior in the past -It is important to know why your audience hasn't done something in the past, so that you can present them with a solution that eliminates the barrier 5. Bring Real Benefits Into the Present -The behavior you are promoting has to provide benefits -The benefits have to be valuable to the target audience and realistically attainable should they choose to adopt the behavior -Highlight benefits your audience will receive sooner rather than later 6. Highlight Costs of Competing Behaviors -The competition in social marketing is the behavior your target audience prefers, is tempted to do, or is currently doing, instead of the one you want them to be do -An organization that encourages the competing behavior -Highlight the downside of this behavior in an honest and credible way -Frame the issue as "choice and consequences" so the market can decide what it wants to do but are now aware of the consequences to the behavior It -Your competition is often the target audience's inclination to do nothing 7. Promote Tangible Goods
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