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Computer Science
COMP 1405
Christine Laurendeau

Lecture 13 Class File //An class object file for the upcoming Program class Ch6_3Team { String name; // The name of the Team int wins; // The number of games that the Team won int losses; // The number of games that the Team lost int ties; // The number of games that the Team tied Ch6_3Team (String aName) { //A constructor that takes a String data and stores it in the //name String in this class. At the same time everything else is //set to 0. = aName; this.wins = 0; this.losses = 0; this.ties = 0; } public String toString() { //A toString() function that will return a set String instead of //the memory location when the class is printed return("The " + + " have " + this.wins + " wins, " + this.losses + " losses and " + this.ties + " ties."); //returns the score history of the team } // Returns the total number of points for the team int totalPoints() { //An int function named totalPoints that will return an int data return (this.wins * 2 + this.ties); //returns the result of the team's (wins * 2 + ties) } // Returns the total number of games played by the team int gamesPlayed() { //An int function named gamesPlayed that will return an int data return (this.wins + this.losses + this.ties); //returns the result of the team's (wins + loses + ties) } } Lecture 13 Program 1 //The program below shows the results of the Ch6_3Team class class Ch6_3TeamTestProgram { public static void main (String args[]) { Ch6_3Team teamA, teamB; //Defines object names teamA = new Ch6_3Team("Ottawa Senators"); //Creates an object sets constructor using String "Ottawa Senators". teamB = new Ch6_3Team("Montreal Canadians"); //Creates an object sets constructor using String "Montreal Canadians". // Simulate the playing of a game in which teamA beat teamB System.out.println( + " just beat " +; //prints result teamA.wins++; teamB.losses++; //The int variable wins in the teamA object adds 1 //The int variable loses in the teamB object adds 1 // Simulate the playing of another game in which they tied System.out.println( + " just tied " +; //prints result teamA.ties++; teamB.ties++; //The int variable ties in the teamA object adds 1 //The int variable ties in the teamB object adds 1 //Now print out some statistics System.out.println(teamA); System.out.println(teamB); //Prints out the toString() of both objects System.out.print("The " + + " have "); System.out.print(teamA.totalPoints() + " points and played "); System.out.println(teamA.gamesPlayed() + " games."); System.out.print("The " + + " have "); System.out.print(teamB.totalPoints() + " points and played "); System.out.println(teamB.gamesPlayed() + " games."); //prints out the scores } } Lecture 13 Class File 2 //The following class object creates a arraylist object from Ch6_3Team //Will be needed for the Ch6_3TeamArrayList Program import java.util.ArrayList; //import arraylist from java library class Ch6_3League { //creates a new league class String name; ArrayList teams; //creates an arraylist object named teams from the Ch6_3Team class Ch6_3League(String n) { = n; //Set the name using constructor this.teams = new ArrayList(); // Doesn’t make any Team objects } } // This specifies the appearance of the League public String toString() { //Creates the toString method to avoid printing class memory address. return ("The " + + " league"); } void showTeams() { //for loop, looping through the teams variable in the Ch6_3Team object for (Ch6_3Team t: this.teams) System.out.println(t); // or System.out.println(t.toString()); } } Lecture 13 Program 2 //The program below implements the TeamTestProgram with ArrayList //Requires the Ch6_3League class to run class Ch6_3TeamArrayList { public static void main(String args[]) { Ch6_3League nhl; //Define a new Ch6_3League object and name it nhl nhl = new Ch6_3League("NHL"); //Add a pile of teams to the league nhl.teams.add(new Ch6_3Team("Ottawa Senators")); nhl.teams.add(new Ch6_3Team("Montreal Canadians")); nhl.teams.add(new Ch6_3Team("Toronto Maple Leafs")); nhl.teams.add(new Ch6_3Team("Vancouver Cannucks")); nhl.teams.add(new Ch6_3Team("Edmonton Oilers")); nhl.teams.add(new Ch6_3Team("Washington Capitals")); nhl.teams.add(new Ch6_3Team("New Jersey Devils")); nhl.teams.add(new Ch6_
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