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Earth Sciences
ERTH 2401
Claudia Schroder- Adams

Lecture 12 chapter 8 Sauropoda The GiantsSaurishchian dinosaurs had a Lizard hip pelvis Saurischia Sauropods were very large and very smallDifferent Pelvis structure pubis is going forwardsaurischia Who was it names byHG seeley in 1887What about Saurischia sizeThe most agile and the most ponderousWhat are the Features of Saurischia Subanrial foramenWhat is subanrial foramenopening beneath the nostril areaWhat is the cause of the long neckElongation of the rearward neck vertebrae Increased articulation between vertebraeLarge thumb supported by a broad metacarpal boneWedge shaped splint of bone on the astragalusLizardtype hip Sauropodomorpha lizardfootformGiants among dinosaurs Sauropods weighted up to75000 kgSauropods length was up to40 mWhat was the height up the the shoulder6 m Survival over 160 million yearAnimals that big test processes such asWeight support they got really big and had to support their weight neural circuitryrespirationoxygen needed to be a lot Digestion they did not have dental batteries they eat a lot OccurrenceGlobal distribution Since late triassic North AmericaAsiaEuropeAfricaSouth America Patagonia desert like conditions mountains shane biggest dinosaurs foundPhylogenybasal group of saurapods are the prosauropods Their relationship to sauropods is debatedPresaupoda late triassic to early jurassic Relative short limbs
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