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Carleton University
Earth Sciences
ERTH 2401
Claudia Schroder- Adams

Lecture 15 Feathered Dinosaurs What does the fossil record tell us about the early evolution of feathersFor many many years one of the more famous specimens for fossil feathers have been theArchaeopteryx Found in Germany ArchaeopteryxFossil feathers known since 1861 BUT It does not tell us if feathers evolved before flight or for flightIt does not tell us what the first feathers and feathered animals look likeArchaeopteryx feathers are essentially already as developed as modern birdsLess than 20 years ago no feathered dinosaurs were known Jurassic Park Velociraptoras depicted in 1993Feathered Dinosaur LocalitiesMost feathered dinosaurs are known from the Early Cretaceous Jehol Group of Liaoning Province northeastern ChinaMore recently the MiddleLate Jurassic rocks in this region have also produced feathered dinosaursexcellently preserved fossils due to continuous volcanic activity SinosauropteryxDiscovered in 1996 first nonavialan dinosaur with feathers preservedYixian Formation Early Cretaceous 124 million years oldSmall theropod with very long tail and short arms related to Compsognathusno wing feathers lived on the groundShort downy feathers are preserved along the neck back and tailProtarchaeopteryxnamed in 1997 first nonavialan dinosaur with rectrices tail fan feathers symmatrical vaned feathered not capable of flightYixian Formation Early Cretaceous 124 million years oldActually lived later than Archaeopteryx probably related to oviraptorosaursCaudipteryx
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