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Earth Sciences
ERTH 2401
Claudia Schroder- Adams

Lecture 13 chapter 9 Theropoda beast footforelimbs are smallgiant skullOrdersaurischia SuborderSauropodomorphasuborderTheropodaWhat are the important factsthey have been around fromTriassic to Cretaceous connection to birdfound on every continentbipedal stance Sharp commonly serrated teethcarnivore not all of themFeatures of Theropodamany are in the legs and feetAdaptation for bipedal locomotionEnlarged flexible hand of graspingclose relation to saurodomorpha pelvic part of the monophyletic saurischia dinosaurGlobal distribution of the nonavian dinosaurantarcticasouth americaAfricaNorth AmericaAsia Early discoveriesRichard Owen found a toothbearing jawmegalosaurus from the Middle JurassicCompsognathusSolnhofen LimestoneTH Huxley speculated on bid connectionArchaeopteryx and compsognathus comparison no feathers and they look the sameTroodon discovered in north americasmartest species Marsh and cope discovered allosaurus in morrison formationCoelurusCeratosaurusOrnithomimusCoelophysis hollowformreferring to air spaces between vertebrae 3 m longAgilebest known predatory dinosaur Ornitholestes coming from Morrison formation Albertosaurusfrom AlbertaTyrannosaurus throughout North America Oviraptor egg stealer from Gobi Desert Velociraptor swift from Gobi Desert Deinonychus terribleclawpack huntingIn 1969 in Wyoming and Montana Walter Ostrom studied Deinonychus Agile
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