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Lecture14-Chapter 11 Pterosaurs .doc

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Earth Sciences
ERTH 2401
Claudia Schroder- Adams

Lecture14Chapter 11Pterosaurs Flyers Started relatively late requires significant modificationsSkeletonMusclesMotor controlbrain Warm blooded animalsWhat are three levels of FlightGlidindparachuting body surface increases to provide resistance to air Flying poweredSoaring take advantage to air movement When was air space conqueredDevonian395 million years ago Animals and plants moved on land First spores used air space for distribution Insects Why do some dinosaurs flyAdvantagesLarger distance in shorter timeArctic Tern with an annual migration route of 30000 KmDiscovery of new areas inaccessible over landcolonization by airformation of new islands more vegetation animals are able to fly over therepredators can be escaped Flyers can escape predators predators can capture their prey Almost every group of vertebrate has members with the ability toFly Glide Soar LizardsGeckosMembranes along the side of body Draco volans a flying lizard from southeast AsiaRibs extend beyond bodyAir born for about 15 m Draco volans Flying Snake From Southeat Asia India and Sri LankaFlattens its body to increase air resistance Mammals Bats flying squirrelsflying lemursFossil record goes back 60 million yearsBats
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